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Describes the steps necessary to use the Common-Controls

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ListControl, TreeControl, TreeListControl, TabSetControl, MenuControl, Form Tags

Events and callback methods
Describes the events generated by the controls and how to implement a callback method in the action class.

Language Support
Describes how to generate applications that supports internationalization.

Describes how to configurate permissions for controls and the use of the principal object.

Describes the AJAX Support for the Common-Controls.

Customizing the DefaultPainter
Describes how to customize the DefaultPainter.

JavaDoc Common-Controls API
Common-Controls API

ResourceFactory V1.0
Tool for creating resources used by the common controls. Version 1.0 supports the generation of buttons for the DefaultPainter (free download).

ResourceFactory V1.7
Describes how to create resources for the DefaultPainter, like buttons or style sheets. Version 1.7 can be downloaded for free by our customers  update area.

Color mappings DefaultPainter
Describes the colors of the DefaultPainter.

Colors mappings Default2Painter
Describes the colors of the DefaultPainter2.


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