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» 2. Derivation of the Action class for the Struts adapter

In our tree, we want to display product groups and products. Therefore, the action class which takes care of the loading and filling of the TreeControl must have the nomenclature "ProductTreeBrowseAction".

The action class is then derived from the class FWAction, which encapsulates the Struts-action class and extends with functionalities of the presentation framework. Instead of the execute()-method, the doExecute()-method is called. On calling, it gets the ActionContext, through which the access to additional objects such as the Request- Session- and Response-object is capsulated.

import javax.servlet.ServletException;


public class ProductTreeBrowseAction extends FWAction {

     * @see
    public void doExecute(ActionContext ctx)
        throws IOException, ServletException {
        // In the next chapter, we will instantiate
        // our TreeControls with the DisplayData

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