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» 3. Structure of the vertical menu

The default Painter does not support any graphical elements for the vertical menu, in contrast to the horizontal menu. The menu options are output as text and formatted suitably using StyleSheets.

The referencing of a menu option is carried out later, with the help of a path expression, which is composed of the Id's of the individual menu options within the hierarchy. Roughly the following pass specifications would hold good for the menu option "sample101": list/samples/standard/samples101.

For the correct interplay between the individual menu elements, particular attention must be paid to defining the menu parts. Since our main menu defines the menu option with the id "list", the corresponding main menu option is selected simultaneously.

<%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/tlds/cc-menu.tld" prefix="menu" %>

<menu:menu id="list" type="sidebar" width="135">
                text="Using ImageMap's"
                text="Filtering Data"
                text="ServerSide DesignModel"
                text="Dynamic DataModel"

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