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» 1. Registrierung der Painterfactory

The registration of the Painterfactory takes place first. It defines which design the user interface will get. This can be done across the application in the init()-method of the Frontcontroler-Servlet.1. Here, we select the standard design that the DefaultPainter offers us.2

import javax.servlet.ServletException

import org.apache.struts.action.ActionServlet;

public class MyFrontController extends ActionServlet {

    public void init() throws ServletException {


        // Register all Painter Factories
        // with the preferred GUI-Layout
        // In this case we only use the Default-Layout.
        PainterFactory.registerApplicationPainter (
            getServletContext(), DefPainterFactory.instance());
        PainterFactory.registerApplicationPainter (
            getServletContext(), HtmlPainterFactory.instance());

*1) If it has to be possible for the individual user to choose between different interface designs, then additional PainterFactorys are registered in the user session. This is done mostly in the LoginAction with PainterFactory.registerSessionPainter() in the session Scope.

*2) Additional designs (PainterFactories) are included in the kit of the Professional Edition, or you can develop them yourself.

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